April 18, 2014

Soccer Game Analysis

Usually one of the most basic data that all consulted before betting on a football match are the statistics. This is the first point of influence that we face when we look at a football game but if the statistics do not win games alone certainly will not help us to win on betting world.

The statistics should be used as a support for the analysis and together with other information will be very important to determine whether there is value in the deal that the bookmakers offer us.

Starting then with statistics, can see through the classification of teams in the game but not only, when properly exploited they can be very useful. The performance of the teams when playing home or away from it is a important information to be taken into account and the effect of positive or negative results gives us an important signal about the morale of the teams. To provide a sharper perception of the value of the teams and their sectors (defense, midfield and attack) can look for the balance of goals of the teams to realize if is a team with good offensive capabilities (goals) or with a great defensive cohesion (conceded).

As I said, the statistics are not infallible, not win games and we would rather know that a team scores a lot of goals if their best forwards can not play for some reason. So, another aspect to consider when analyzing a game is trying to verify the casualties that each team have to play.

These absences may exist for many different reasons, injury, punishment, domestic problems, the coach option among others and our task here is to try to understand the extent to which these absences will influence the performance of the team. So it will be good to verify the importance that players have in the group or through the minutes played, or if due to its absence there is a need to change the tactical of the team. If possible when dealing with major absences should also check the results the team got in earlier absences that player to verify that the replacements were at the time. Finally we must determine what will be the player who will enter the place of the absent and what their abilities to perform this function.

Another fact that we are looking should be the previous and following games of the that we are considering. Teams can come from a few days of rest and games in which they were required to much effort (eg extra time) or were within a few days a most important commitment in another competition so we can not overlook this aspect.

The results from games against identical value opponents’ also gives us a better idea of the capabilities of the teams.

The H2H between the two teams should also be consulted because sometimes when a team does not win in a field for long time, established a series of psychological barriers that have a lot of weight and condition the game of some team. Aside from the psychological barriers, the H2H can show to us specifics of playing in a particular city or region because of its meteorological characteristics or certain stadiums for example due to its size.

Not only teams informations influence their performance. There are also external information that determine the states of mind and ability of players. I refer to managerial problems that may have to do with elections or economic problems of the clubs. The statements of the coaches often are also important because some coaches use the press conferences as a means of motivation and to pass a message to his players.

Know if the teams have achieved the objectives that they propose and investigate the weather / state of the playing are other important factors.

I think if we take into account all these aspects our chances of success would increase considerably in the betting world.