April 18, 2014

What is Dutching?

Dutching is to bet on more than one result at a time, ensuring a equal profit in all your selections. The advantage is that we are more likely to win. The downside is that we get less compared with a single bet.

Now a very simple example (Orgryte v Hacken):


Suppose you wanted to bet 1x enjoying the best odds that are offered to you, between various bookmakers. So we bet Orgryte in Betdaq with 3.5 odds, and Draw in Bet365 with 3.3 odds.

Now we need to know how to stake each result, to have the same profit if the 1x is the right choice.

Using the calculator that exist in this section:

Paying attention to the arrows:


Alternatively, dutching can also be used to calculate the amounts to bet on arbitrage. Only in this case instead of putting just a few selections puts up all the possible selections.